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John Holland on Cavel Horse Slaughter House

This has been making the rounds:

We have all been holding our collective breaths wondering if Cavel will go for another appeal and try to get one more TRO. I have been predicting they would not because they are already up and running in Canada through their deal with Natural Valley Farms. I have just heard that the killer buyers have been told exactly what I expected.

They say Cavel will not fork over for another round of appeals (estimated to cost them $250,000) but will instead shift operations completely to Canada. This is further supported by the fact that Cavel is reporting that Jim Tucker has "retired". It all fits, and I think we can say with a very high degree of confidence that slaughter in the US is finally and at long last relegated to history. Nobody is going to invest in new plants here with federal legislation pending.

Now we face one of the long feared consequences, and that is the dramatically increased exports, especially to Mexico. The one thing that pro-slaughter and anti-slaughter people have always agreed about is that Mexico is a far worse fate for a horse than a US (or Canadian) plant.

The pro-slaughter people think the answer is to reopen slaughter in the US, but that is a pipe dream. There is no going back. Therefore we must push HR.503 and S.311 with all the energy we can muster. Since we no longer have to fight on three fronts, we should be able to put sharp focus on our Congress people, especially in the Senate.

Congratulations to everyone who made the Texas and Illinois victories possible!

John Holland
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