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Cavel Horse Slaughter Plant plans to try again!

Horse Slaughtering Plant Plans Appeal
Reported by: Christine Long
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2007 @08:17pm CST

DeKalb, IL – Operators of a horse slaughtering plant in DeKalb that was shut down in September plan to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Phil Calabrese, an attorney who represents Cavel International, says he plans to send a request in January to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal. The deadline is January 18th.

Read the rest:

Haven't they figured out they're not wanted here yet? WTF is wrong with them? They're not going to win, the Texas plants did not win. And we HAVE TO GET S311 and HR503 through to clearly get the message across (and because shipment of horses to Mexico and Canada have to be stopped too!). Get on your Senators' and Representatives' cases about this, folks! Let's end it once and for all!
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