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Horse slaughter: Good news, bad news, hopeful news

I've been slacking on this...burned out a bit I suppose. This SHOULD all be over...but Congress is dragging its collective heels. This is stuff I learned through dressagespirit

Suffolk Downs Race Track has implemented a zero-tolerance policy on horse slaughter! Any owner or trainer who uses slaughter as an option is not welcome to race there. If more tracks do this my hatred of the sport of modern horse racing might be tempered a little. No, this doesn't mean I'll place bets as part of some fantasy that this is a continuation of the Lùnasda horse races...those were very different things, it would be far more appropriate these days to attend a 3-day event instead...or, in fact, some of the horse racing, "cross-country" with obstacles and ADULT horses, that is done still in Ireland.

BLM intends to euthanize Mustangs. They can't do their actual jobs, so this is the answer?

Congressmen Rahall and Grijalva, at least, have questioned the BLM and hopefully this will lead to some seriously needed reassessment of their "management" and some answers as to what can be done.

Remember, everyone, we STILL do not have The Horse Protection Act through and we need it. Horses are still going to Canada and Mexico, which is especially horrific in cruelty, every day. Until we get not only slaughter stopped in the US for good but also transportation for slaughter outlawed our horses are in danger. And, yes, that means EVERY horse because most stolen horses end up in slaughter! Please talk to your Senators and Representatives again!

This post is widely cross-posted...please pass on this news too!
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