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To discuss Natural Horsemanship and related issues by listening to the horses' needs.
This is so named so that we remember it's the horses we need to listen too.

This is a place for people who wish to discuss Natural Horsemanship, all trainers are accepted here as well as things we learn from the horses. Please neither claim your favorite trainer has the One and Only Way or attack other trainers (and certainly do not flame anyone for liking a particular trainer!). Different teachers work better for all of us and all are working towards the same goal. Many of us do not adhere at all to a particular trainer, but instead learn from many and see how it works for our own horses. And ultimately it is the horses who are the only real teachers, the human ones are really only interpreters for those of us who may not be as fluent in the equine language yet.

Those who train or have horses trained by conventional methods are welcome, but not to come here and attack. If you don't like NH, then please go somewhere else; if you want to learn more and have an open mind, please join us. No discussion of the use of chains, twitches, harsh bits, running-Ws or the like is welcome here except in how these devices may have created damage in our horses' past (as many of us are retraining).

We may also discuss many other horse related topics, but please do keep it somewhat centered on keeping horses as natural as possible. Barefooting, bitless riding, herbal and other natural health-care and the like are all welcome. And, of course, horse rescue and the rehabilitation of horses that had suffered abuse. Showing talk should be related to NH in some way (for instance discussion about how your horse became able to handle the stress of going to shows because of NH) and should never be a main topic...there are dozens of other communities for show related discussion. Discussion of different activities that might be unique to us, however, are of more interest.

Please remember that while some people may be more gifted than others in developing these skills and others may have more time to devote than others, this is something that can be learned with a effort. And it does take effort, there is no "instance fix" in NH...that is exactly what it NEVER is. Whether we are training a foal or Mustang from the start, retraining an abused horse or just trying to gain a better relationship with our already trained horse, our lives and the lives of our horses are enhanced by making this effort.

Advertising other communities has been allowed, but I now feel this has been abused so: NO ADVERTISING OTHER COMMUNTIES HERE. 'k?

This is an anti-horse-slaughter, anti-PMU, anti-Nurse-Mare, anti-overbreeding community. If you are for these things you DO NOT belong here. THIS topic is not something for debate on this community. Anyone coming here to argue for horse slaughter will be banned immediately as a troll. If you are confused about the relationship between the dumping and abuse of horses and the availability of slaughter then please read: Slaughter Not Driven by Unwanted Horses, The Relationship of Abuse to Slaughter (that's a PDF), Trade, not train mentality behind US horse problem and check out the entire Veterinarians for Equine Welfare site and the link on this banner. If you still believe in slaughter after that, just find another place to be.

Say No to Horse Slaughter

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